Popular Links in Ham Radio 

W2NJR Repeater System

1 X 1 Special Event Call Signs
One by one U.S. callsign database.

AE7Q Database Query Tools

Amateur Radio Ham URL Callbook

Amateur Radio Vanity License Search - RadioQTH

Australia--Register of Radiocommunication Licenses

Bulgarian Callbook - LZ

Canadian Callsign Database

Corsican Radioamateur Callbook

EI Call Listings

Estonia Callbook
EU-EW Belarus Callbook
EY Tajikistan Callbook
FCC Daily Licensing Report - QRZ

FCC License Data Search - ARRL

French Callbook
Greek Radio Amateurs (SV) Email Addresses

Guernsey Amateur Radio Callbook


Ham Clubs Membership Lists Configured For Many Logging Applications
Many Ham Club membership lists (EPC, 070, DMC, 30MDG, FH, CDG, DQSO, OBC, BDM, BCS, 1010, FIST, DIG, SKCC, GORC Clubs) configured for many different logging applications. Lists are regularly updated at least every week.


Hamdata Callsign Server
Callbook, FCC reports and information, vanity callsign availability.

HamLogs Library
An easy way to put a search of your logbook on your own web page.

This call book provides all information, including XML queries for free. There is also a DX Cluster node, a facility to create your own web site and much more.

Homepages and Email Addresses of Dutch Amateurs
Hong Kong Callbook
Indonesian Callbook

Latvian (YL) Radio Amateurs
Luxembourg (LX) Callbook
LY (Lithuania) Callbook
Monaco Radioamateurs
Norwegian Callsign Database
OH (Finland) Callbook Service
OM Callbook
OM Callbook

Polish Callbook
QRZ Database

Romanian YO Call Book
Russian Internet Callbook

South Africa (ZS) Callbook

SV (Greece) Callbook
Swedish Callbook

T9 (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Callbook
Turkish Callbook

University of Arkansas Callsign Database

Veron International Callbook (PA-Netherlands)
VP9 Bermuda Callbook
WM7D ULS Query Callsign Database

WM7D's Callsign Database

World Wide HamCall Callsign Server