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W2NJR Repeater System

1 X 1 Special Event Call Signs

AE7Q Database Query Tools

Amateur Radio Ham URL Callbook

Amateur Radio Vanity License Search - RadioQTH

Australia--Register of Radiocommunication Licenses

Bulgarian Callbook - LZ

Canadian Callsign Database

Corsican Radioamateur Callbook

EI Call Listings

Estonia Callbook
EU-EW Belarus Callbook
EY Tajikistan Callbook
FCC Daily Licensing Report - QRZ

FCC License Data Search - ARRL

French Callbook
Greek Radio Amateurs (SV) Email Addresses

Guernsey Amateur Radio Callbook


Ham Clubs Membership Lists Configured For Many Logging Applications
Many Ham Club membership lists (EPC, 070, DMC, 30MDG, FH, CDG, DQSO, OBC, BDM, BCS, 1010, FIST, DIG, SKCC, GORC Clubs) configured for many different logging applications. Lists are regularly updated at least every week.


Hamdata Callsign Server
Callbook, FCC reports and information, vanity callsign availability.

HamLogs Library
An easy way to put a search of your logbook on your own web page.

This call book provides all information, including XML queries for free. There is also a DX Cluster node, a facility to create your own web site and much more.

Homepages and Email Addresses of Dutch Amateurs
Hong Kong Callbook
Indonesian Callbook

Latvian (YL) Radio Amateurs
Luxembourg (LX) Callbook
LY (Lithuania) Callbook
Monaco Radioamateurs
Norwegian Callsign Database
OH (Finland) Callbook Service
OM Callbook
OM Callbook

Polish Callbook
QRZ Database

Romanian YO Call Book
Russian Internet Callbook

South Africa (ZS) Callbook

SV (Greece) Callbook
Swedish Callbook

T9 (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Callbook
Turkish Callbook

University of Arkansas Callsign Database

Veron International Callbook (PA-Netherlands)
VP9 Bermuda Callbook
WM7D ULS Query Callsign Database

WM7D's Callsign Database

World Wide HamCall Callsign Server

What is Ham Radio?

A housewife in North Carolina makes friends over the radio with another ham in Lithuania. An Ohio teenager uses his computer to upload a digital chess move to an orbiting space satellite, where it's retrieved by a fellow chess enthusiast in Japan. An aircraft engineer in Florida participating in a “DX contest” swaps his call sign and talks to hams in 100 different countries during a single weekend. In California, volunteers save lives as part of their involvement in an emergency response. And from his room in Chicago, a ham's pocket-sized hand-held radio allows him to talk to friends in the Carolinas.

Ham Radio, also known as Amateur Radio is a popular hobby and a service in which licensed participants operate communications equipment with a deep appreciation of the radio art.  The unique hobby of Amateur Radio is a mix of fun, public service, and convenience. Although hams get involved for many reasons, they all have in common a basic knowledge of radio technology and operating principles, and pass an examination for the FCC license to operate on radio frequencies known as the “Amateur Bands.” These bands are radio frequencies reserved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for use by hams at intervals from just above the AM broadcast band all the way up into extremely high microwave frequencies.


My IEEE colleague, Fred Kruger, K2LDC gave me the following list. He has ordered from many of these sources and has enjoyed many hours of kit building and years of ham communication using home-built, converted surplus and commercial radio equipment for fun, emergency activities and public service.

Amateur Electronic Supply: Major retailer of ham equipment and support hardware, books, etc.

Ham Radio Outlet: Major retailer of ham equipment and support hardware, books, etc. 

Universal Radio: Major retailer of ham equipment and support hardware, books, etc.

KENWOOD: Manufacturer of hand-held, mobile, and base station ham radio equipment.

ICOM: Manufacturer of hand-held, mobile, and base station ham radio equipment.

YAESU: Manufacturer of hand-held, mobile, and base station ham radio equipment.

NUE-PSK Digital Modem: PSK-31, RTTY, and CW modem that operates without a computer.(available in kit and constructed models) cables and other accessories are available.

FiveDashInc: Software defined radio (“softrock”) kits.  Major small supplier of software defined receiver and transceiver kits.

WB5RVZ Documentation Projects: Dedicated to helping amateur radio hobbyists construct and understand the operation of Software Defined Radios. This site describes “softrock” kits and is intended to help newcomers who have absolutely no SDR experience ease into the topic with “Heathkit-Like” build instructions and easy-to-digest theory explanations.

W1WC: Many resources (links) and ham related information.

AC6V: A compilation of useful ham radio URLs found on search engines and news groups. Includes kits, information and useful hints. Lists stores, ham radio dealers and stores around the country and beyond.

Ham Gadgets smaller listing of ham gadgets and kits == worth looking at.

Elecraft high performance ham radio transceivers and support hardware; many available assembled or in modular ('no soldering') kits.

Ramsey Electronics has many gadget kits and some kits for ham radio use

Hendricks QRP Kits  Specializes in high quality, low cost QRP Kits. 

QRP Equipment and Accessory vendors: QRP'ers have a large choice of excellent radio kits and accessories available from commercial vendors, several QRP radio clubs and a few individual hams. Some vendors offer wired and tested products as well as kits.

Oak Hills Research is a source of quality ham radio transceiver and accessory kits.

Small Wonder Labs: Supplier of kits for the amateur radio enthusiast.

TENTEC: Manufacturer of ham radio transceivers, receivers, amplifiers, tuners, etc.

NorCal QRP Club an active ham radio club producing some very interesting kits and reasonable prices.

Four State Kit Index Kits for the QRP community at reasonable prices.

ARRL National ham radio organization is the primary source of information for all aspects of ham radio. 

QST is an excellent U.S. based monthly Ham Radio magazine.

CQ magazine is an excellent U.S. based monthly (independent) ham radio magazine, with an emphasis on operating, DXing, contesting, propagation, public service, and more.

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